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Visual Core, from Entity via Essence to Existence


The Visual Core is translating your invisible value into tangible visualisation, in a way everyone can join.

We lead you effortlessly through transformation of the invisible layers of your organisation into crystal clear visualisation like a blueprint of the soul.

Visual Core is the fundament for creating a culture, to get and keep internally motivation alive or simply for a marketing department.

This proces takes 8 hours + 1 hour feedback in total, with 1-5 people who carry the core of the organisation.


Why clients choose for UKIO’s Visual Core


Feeling not aligned? Visual Core does the magic


Did you already start your transformation? Or do you feel lost?
No worries, let’s fix this instantly

Or are you in the middle of a transformation and you want this done within 8 hours?
Perfect, you’re ready!

Why losing time, money, motivation by figuring it out?
Better focus on what you have to do.

Want to join the next global economic transformation?
Great, get it done in 8 hours, so you can focus on the implementation!

Your Visual Core is worth timeless value, saving weeks, months or even years of work (struggling). Plus Visual Core creates time, smooth collaborations, bringing everyone on 1 page.



Marijn van Oosten

Founder of UKIO and Visual Visionary, and international award winning designer. With a background of BA Graphic Design and MA Editorial Design, she is specialised in visualising the source/essence/core, with an human touch through multi-layered user-friendly design.


Experience your maximum potential with Visual Core

You can call us for specific question: +31 20 261 8357 or schedule a call via Calendly.