UKIO, founded by Marijn van Oosten, based in Amsterdam and New York, is an international business biosphere, collaborating with 40+ organisations worldwide. We believe in universal connection and letting people grow from the source within to grow differently together.

At the source we find the highest value. Bringing people and organisations to their source is the only way to inner and world peace. At UKIO we visualise the source. Visualisation, through art and design, frees communication of any form of noise, and is improving clarity. To make invisible value tangible, UKIO provides structures and visual tools to those who create the foundation for longterm freedom and excellence and reach others.

To achieve longterm universal and positive change we need tools and structure as foundation that keep us focussed to live from our highest value.

Everything we develop has a formula to scale and repeat. Each product or project exists by itself, halfway between commercial and non-profit, aswel business-wise and personal development, between air and earth, enjoying the best of both worlds in balance.