Visual Source:

"Making invisible value; tangible and easy to understand."


Visual Source:

Everything has a source (essence/soul); a person, a organisation, a product, etc.

The more value, as in a human touch to change lives into the better for all, the more difficult to describe. 

Strategy does change by external circumstances, the source stays the same.

It’s only one time to sit down, to bring the source straight out of the air on to paper. 

The source is the starting point for every person or organisation; to align afterwards everyone to be on the same page.


The visuals resonate for the CEO team, board members, managers, employees, collaboration partners,

target group, users, clients, sponsors, investors, family members, communities, etc. 

This naturally attract or deviate the right people to join the maximum potential of manifestation.

Process and Usage:

The visuals can be used as daily focus, for year planning, in presentations, as starting point for visual identity, etc.


The 8-hour proces is intense and wonderful, afterwards it’s a relieve to have been through.

In 5 to 6 visuals the Visual Source shares your source as overview and in steps:

1. Now, where you're today

2. Transformation, the way to live on your source

3. Source, to flourish from your source

The Visual Source is designed in a way that you can start now within 24 hours. Give yourself a year for the biggest part of transformation and you can use the Visual Source for the next 10 years, and so on, to live on your source. 

My role:

This day is 100% about you. I ask, guide, and visualise. At times I might give an example to clarify something or to create the right distance to make the process more or less personal. 

No matter the circumstances, I take the lead to create the space you need to fully experience the process. 

Meanwhile I draw the process, as a translator to concrete forms on paper.

Your role:

Just be and remain open as you go through the experience. Prepare by being well-rested.

Be fully open, surrender and enjoy (by 1-5 persons: every person in the group is capable to be fully open).

Select a confidential location, where there is beforehand taken care for lunch (or dinner) and where is space to walk outside. 

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