Beyond the Visual Source

Bringing people on their source is the most efficient way to change the world. When connected to their source, a person is self-respecting, which enables them to access and live from their source and highest potential and reach this with others.  

In my collaborations I focus on change makers, brands, and CEO’s of company’s with big influence: key figures who reach large amounts of people in both visible and invisible ways.

Communicating your value:

How to explain your value to yourself and others? How to communicate to others that your value is beyond financial, pro-active, literal, researched effects?

The visual of the helix clearly explains the structure and functioning of the DNA. The same goes for the organs, nerves and other systems of the body: we know what they do and why we need them. But where do we find our highest value? At our soul (source), at our right of existence. 

Why:  Making invisible value tangible. To get a Core-Team (CEOs/Leaders/Founders/Board members) or Change-Maker to the source. UKIO visualizes the source:

  1. to guide Core-Team or bring the Change-Maker on their source,

  2. to connect Core-Team to company source or Change-Maker to their source

  3. to live from the source (manifestation) independently.

How: Guiding 8-hour conversation and directly visualization. With a feedback moment within the following month and a phone call one year after. 

What: The Visual Source, delivered in a PDF document, is a complete overview of the company’s source.

Purpose: Being able to independently manifest from company’s source.

Value: Long term. The Visual Source unites a Core-Team and is a tool and focus for internal and external alignment, communication, and manifestation.