Terms of Service for your convenience



- All information shared with Marijn van Oosten during Visual Source is and stays private and when preferred signed with a NDA.

- It is not allowed to make recordings in any kind of form without the permission of Marijn van Oosten, to keep sharing in trust and full openness accessible.  



- Mobile use by client is not allowed on the Visual Source day to keep the energy focussed.

- External people beside the person or group described are not allowed to join or interrupt.

- Visual Source Source is available in Dutch or English. Translators aren’t allowed to join since this is distraction during the proces. Basic understandable English (for all participants) is needed to keep the speed versus intensity in balance. 



 - Client contact or meeting or feedback is straight with the person who is doing the Visual Source Source. Organisational tasks (planning meeting) or administrative tasks (payments) can be with 3rd parties like PA or secretary or manager. 

- Client is responsible to collaborate on feedback round on time, this is essential and needed to keep the flow, in high quality, alive. 

- 50% is paid beforehand and is non-refundable, 50% is paid afterhand, which is after delivery of PDF non-refundable. 

- Prices include any and all costs UKIO makes. 



- Marijn van Oosten Holding B.V. has authors right of all created visuals by Marijn van Oosten and/or client and have a time-stamp by CC-Proof.

Example given: a portrait photographer who keeps authors right while it’s another persons face, including additional value of hair-artist, on the photo.

- Payment is including on-going users right of all created visuals by Marijn van Oosten and/or client.

- Original visuals are available for client as copy by copy machine or photo per mobile phone. 

- Marijn van Oosten Holding B.V. can use visuals in future in any form of neutralised presentation or publishing, etc. This has the advantage that the source of client has exposure on different platforms. 

- All visuals used in any form have acknowledgement written: UKIO, and optionally: by Marijn van Oosten.