Are you ready:

UKIO keeps the process efficient to optimise every one's time.

It’s important to be open to the entire process, even during the more challenging moments.

Consult with yourself and with a "Yes!" please feel welcome to contact us.

If for any reason I feel someone is not ready, this will prevent me from doing the Visual Strategy.

Being ready is the only selection criterium. The logistics of the date and location determine to make it happen.


The 30-day process is divided in three time efficient steps.

1. Preparations

  • Explanation, presentation, showing an example and answering questions by Marijn and client (usually 30 minutes via Skype or IRL)
  • - Payment 1, max. 2 weeks before the Visual Strategy day-

2. Process Service

  • Day 1: Visual Source Strategy of 8 hours at clients location by client and Marijn (IRL)
  • Day 2: Fully relax, and let the impact and changes of day 1 settle down (separately)
  • Day 7: Delivery the final visuals in PDF by Marijn (email)
  • - Payment 2, max. 2 weeks after delivering Visual Strategy PDF-

3. Feedback & Delivery Product

  • Day 8-10: Feedback for final details and update by Client (usually 1-2 hours via Skype or IRL)
  • Day 11-12: Final visuals in PDF by Marijn (email)
  • Day 11-30: Questions are possible on distance and will be answered in small drawings (via app Signal).


consider the monthly cost of a person/team/company not operating from the source.

Visual Strategy takes place preferable per client in the first week of every month: