Marijn van Oosten:

Founder UKIO and Visual Visionair


Marijn van Oosten is an international award-winning designer and entrepreneur.

Marijn’s lifework is to make invisible value tangible through visualisation. Our highest value lives at our source. By visualising this source, she makes people aware of their momentum and place in the universe, connecting them to their highest potential so they can make full contributions to universal connection and peace.

She grew up in the Netherlands and now lives in Amsterdam and New York. Marijn began her first business in design and communication at the age of seventeen, working from the same holistic vision that guides her entrepreneurship today as visionair. She holds a BA Graphic Design and participated the MA Editorial Design in Utrecht. She worked as user interface designer, founded the foundation Wisebloom, created Paper Pathfinder, and works as a visual artist and human experience designer.


By bringing people and organisations to their source, is the most Efficient way to inner- and world peace.

I give structure with visual tools to which who (take responsibility) create the foundation for freedom and excellence.

Visualising the source by creating universal tools to Grow Differently Together, to:

1. Clarify your source: Visual Source

2. Structure from your source: Visual Formula (soon online)

3. Live from your source: Visual Experience (soon online)

Universal focus: 

Universal means reaching global humanity.

Visualising: through art and design communication can take away any form of noise, which makes life easier to understand.

Source: source of existence, your essence, your higher-self, awareness of your higher conscious, in connection with something inexplicable/the universe and/or god, on your core, on your line, being on the red thread through life, etc.

Tools: any solid form of tangible structure through visualisation to give solid strength to have a foundation to develop yourself/your company with the maximum of freedom.

Grow: when you grow, so do automatically others.

Differently: everyone is different, which is enriching.

Together: through mutual respect and from the perspective of love everything is possible!


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