For Whom:

Experience your source pure as crystal:

"Save years of work in 8 hours. Visuals are immediately available to expand upon"


For you:

In general is the Visual Source day process is vulnerable and shared with sensitive information.

These details are used to create and check the overview, which will result in the final visuals who have such clarity that all sensitive information is left out. 


Source of Change Maker

An explicit individual that has a:

  • Huge reach by specific talents that are impossible to explain.

  • Described as visionair, CEO, pioneer, genius, inventor, artist, a mix of all and doer with high healing qualities.

This proces has a personal focus with business outcome.


Source of Organism 

1-5 people who carry source of a Company or NGO with an extreme high value that is:

  • Difficult to describe by numbers or facts.

  • Reaching human beings constructively and naturally without them being aware of the (daily or life changing) improvement.

This proces has a business focus with a personal touch.


Source of Legacy

An individual or group that:

  • Created a sufficient structure for a certain human basic needs.

  • Are already living on their source and need Visual Source for their legacy.

This proces has a structural focus with a universal approach.