REviews to give you an image from the clients perspective.


“It's with with refreshing compassion and warming intuition that Marijn welcomes you to her magical process of virtual strategy. Like seeing a great artist at work, one does not know how she does it, yet your inner self instantly trusts her to guide you in the right direction. And so she does. 

Doing the Visual Strategy with Marijn is like embarking on an adventure where both of you don't know the destination so miracles can appear. And they do, believe me. 

She works with love, understanding and wit and her deep intuitive gifts are a gentle guide in helping you find your true core. Personally, the Visual Strategy had both a surprising and a truly meaningful outcome. She makes you see, literally, that you can have it all. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is at all serious about either finding or creating meaning in their life."

Joost de Muinck-Keizer, Founder Gyre

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