Basic questions & answers:

For the curious among us, herewith some frequently asked questions and their answers.

It has to been said, therefore it is. The first question is the most basic one.


For what kind of person or company is the Visual Source most valuable?

The Visual Source is most effective for persons and companies with a high invisible value in the way they reach people with their vision, brand, products and/or services.

E.g. One of my clients, and NGO, is an anti-discrimination organisation. The value of what they do is difficult to capture. They address the problems of youngsters in direct and effective ways by giving them the space and tools to make different decisions in life, giving at risk youth a self-initiated renewed focus. This organisation's value is extremely high, but how can they adequately explain to government and sponsors for funding? Using the Visual Source as a presentation they connected to new sponsors and received funding at a crucial moment.


How do you do the Visual Source?

I ask questions and visualise the answers using pen and paper; a process that indicates with clarity if the direction is right or not. I can feel clearly when something/someone is on their source, which makes it possible to visualise and develop the Visual Source. I guide, see connections, connect dots, and oversee the process so everyone can focus on their own experience.


What can I do with the Visual Source?

You can use it as presentation, as focus on the wall or desktop. Use it as visual mantra when you wake up. And more important, show it to everyone who's involved in your company to get everyone on one page, fluently. The Visual Sourceis the source and therefore to align, the start of all.

A company’s indisputable source, as becomes clear in the Visual Source, is easier to transform into internal and external guidance and actions. The Visual Source is a tool to unite people in a single recognised source and direction, which saves immense amounts of money, energy, and time.


English is my second language. Can you still do the Visual Source?

Yes, as long as you can express yourself in general terms and understand this website, this is enough. 


Why do you have a short intake?

A longer intake session means to blur the lines between the intake and the actual start of the Visual Source. Keeping it short will ensure that our 8-hour session is off to a clean start. I also don't give sugar, since this already resonates with a process that than starts. It's easier for both to say let's do it and than go fully.


Can we do a shorter version of the Visual Source?

The 8-hours is an absolute minimum, 8,5 hours the maximum: it is the time we need to make sure the session is exhaustive, optimal, and fulfilling.


Can we do the Visual Source in 2 days?

No, two days makes it more difficult, because taking a break means anything can happen to make the liable process disturb or unnecessarily complex to join again. Remember as a kid how to take off a band aid; take it off at once is easier. So the second day everyone can take a rest by themselves in their own energy. 

For me it is also better to keep on going instead of starting again another day, like writing a song and than you have to stop abruptly in the middle and than suddenly keep going. It's great to take the time to finish well.

Also, for bringing five source-carrying persons together it is easier to book off one full day and go! 


Why do you register all the visuals of the Visual Source?

Everyone has their own source, but making this into a visual tool (Source/Formula/Experience), means creating something unique that didn’t exist before. This automatically gives UKIO the copyright of this tool. Therefore we register the tools we produce. Payment is including a user license for using this visual tool.


Can we do the Visual Source with a team?

Yes. The maximum is 5 persons. UKIO calls this the Core team, connected to the vision or value of a company. Be conscious of who joins the Visual Source.

1 person is, when still alive, the Founder or highest Director, the key person, together with the maximum of 4 others as a group to unite the value of different perspectives. After the Visual Source, each participant is ready to manifest with 100% focus and able to support each other and others in manifestation.


What materials do you use?

- Pentel Graph Gear 1000 0.7mm, my operation knife

- Paper A4 + A3 + A2, and when available a paper/white/black board

- Post-its in different colours

- Pencils x 10 colors

Practical questions & answers:

Unrolling further more answers what is practical and helpful to know about.


I think I am not ready. What should I decide?

There are 2 kinds of not being ready:

1. You’re stuck or a bit frightened, but open to realise. In this case, it’s possible to do the Visual Source. Don’t worry, it is an amazing adventure. In the end, every client is relieved and very happy with the result: to know the source and direction, which saves so much time. Because the clarity all the fear is gone, you can flow freely.

2. You’re locked and do not feel open to taking the next step. In that case, it’s not easy to go through the full process. Perhaps the Visual Source is an option at a later time.


I am the Founder/CEO/final decision-maker of an organisation, can I let a manager do the Visual Source?

No, the only person(s) capable of sharing the source of a company is the person carrying the (full) source of the company. I can only reveal what is there; if the full source is unavailable in the one person doing the Visual Source, the result is unavailable as well. A manager is welcome to join a core team Visual Source Also the main communication goes through the decision-maker. Please, take this into serious consideration to optimise our respective time. 


My team includes a person with a constant self-centered perspective/attitude, can you still do the Visual Source?

Self-centeredness disrupts the flow of bringing a company to its source. Someone who is unable to transcend is unable to join the Visual Source. 


What is the difference between you and 'others'?

By visualising the source I only focus fully on the client their source. Which means I am not involved, I only guide. This creates a clean outcome. Beside I can catch 99%, where others catch e.g. 80% of the source, this is a huge difference, because how do you fill up the left over 20%? It only can turn into a muddy grey noice of sand in the machine. The Visual Source is developed and crystallised over 14 years experience and an unique experience, with life long on benefits.


How do you practice confidentiality?

A client decides to start this process because they wish to manifest from the company’s source. Sharing sensitive information and experiencing a sense of vulnerability is part of that process. Vulnerability leads to the reward of receiving the outcome of the Visual Source.

Naturally, I keep sensitive information to myself. I am a responsible person and my focus is to share in an experience that helps people grow. People’s natural trust in me and the process is something I deeply care for and respect.


Is it safe to share confidential information?

Yes, it is. It is your source. It is all there is and nothing can go wrong. However, it might feel daunting and new to go to this source and reveal the biggest version of yourself and/or your company.

And that's fine! We will go through the experience and afterwards you take the time you need for implementation. The visual outcome does not contain confidential information since sensitive details do not hold value for the outer world. They are valuable only during the 8-hour process.


Do you provide after care?

Yes, while the Visual Source is a full finished service (day) and finished product (visuals in PDF). The following month you can contact me with questions which I answer by drawings. Usually the few questions left are not content-wise about the Visual Source itself, more about the courage to live towards the outcome of the Visual Source, 'just to be sure'. The whole process is set up in a way that after the Visual Source day, the participant(s) can provide everything by themselves to manifest. It's all already in you, the visuals are giving the strength and the structure to have a fundament with focus to make it happen!

Curious questions & answers:

Wonderful sense of curiosity you have. These are the more exiting questions.


Can you do the Visual Source without drawing?

No. Visualising the process as we go, makes the Visual Source understandable and accessible for all. Drawing eliminates emotion, intonation, tone-of-voice, and body-gesture, making it possible to summarise many words and meanings in one clear stroke or picture. Drawing is an act of synchronising heart, head, and hand.


How do you feel during the Visual Source?

When I begin a new Visual Source I feel like an athlete at the start of a gold-medal-race. I experience a mixture of excitement, hyperfocus, and readiness to achieve the highest and most optimized outcome.


Can you explain the Visual Source to a 5-year-old?

Not verbally, only through experience. I do create Visual Symbols with kids, to visualize their source. See the World Child Symbol project with kids in war areas.


What role does your age/gender/appearance play in doing the Visual Source?

None, like everyone else, I refine my diamond every day. With over 14 years of professional experience, my age was shortly sometimes distracting to some. Rather than from a place of judgement, my clients relate to me from a place of mutual understanding and respect with openness and appreciation.


Are you also a advisor/psychologist/anthropologist/business specialist?

Yes and no. All of the above descriptions apply at some point during the Visual Source. Still, my strength is to visualise your source. No specific business specialism, we share common sense. No psychology analytics, facing what comes up is all we need. So no "you should" advice is needed, the source is being visible and does the dance.


Are you clairvoyant or clairsentient?

Every outcome of the Visual Source originates 100% in the client. I have always had an exceptionally strong capacity for feeling what/who is, or is not, on its/their source. From this feeling, I can ask the right questions and thereby receive the right answers. This has nothing to do with clairvoyance: I feel (trust), filter (ask), focus (draw), and flow (direction).


So what are you than?

Simply a translator, I translate the invisible source into tangible visuals. 


Has it every happened that the Visual Source didn’t work out?

Only once, over 40+ Visual strategies, the process was disturbed by another person joining in the middle of the session, this was also a test and did not succeed, since than there are no others allowed.


How can you proof it works?

My job is not to proof anything. My job is to visualise and thereby reveal your source and value. My clients understand and experience the clarity of direction I give them and enjoy the peaceful effects profoundly, even years after.


Isn’t it boring to know in detail what your source is about?

In my opinion, it’s at the source where life get exciting. Having the structure and clarity of direction grands you the opportunity to live life to the fullest and that comes with every day surprises. This is way more exiting than the struggle of asking yourself continuously where to start or how to go on.


How do you align the integrity of your clients with your own integrity?

When I bring a client on their source, automatically the visual tool is a tool of integrity.